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Even if your event runs like clockwork, it can all fall to pieces if your travel arrangements don’t. As Borough’s largest and most trusted Hackney Taxi Services, we’re ready to meet the demands of your special occasion – no matter the size. In fact, order anything over 20 cars at once and we’ll immediately assign you a dedicated Event Transport Planner.

We’ve arranged more than 30 Taxis in one day for The Epsom race course.We once even moved 350 people in under three hours on Christmas Day.

We rise to every challenge. We’re Urban Taxis Services. At your service.


Every event receives a dedicated “Event Transport Planner”

Need something in particular? Urban Taxis Services are experts in developing bespoke service plans for any type of event. Talk to us about your vision.

Should you decide your event requires it, we can even provide trained on-site coordinators to safely direct cars and guide pedestrians.